Friday, November 14, 2008

How Music Lowers Blood Pressure

We just heard about a new study on the news today that demonstrated that listening to one's favorite music lowers blood pressure, as the walls of the veins and arteries expand as one listens. So put on a cd and relax your way to better health!

- Richard Chandler

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Model for Success by a Surprising Source

“We are pleased with our performance in the quarter, given the challenging economic environment, ... We continue to strive to be an innovator in the industry by constantly updating our products and merchandise as we seek new customers, while remaining faithful to the traditional Polo customer. This strategy, balanced with sound business practices in a competitive marketplace, is what built Polo Ralph Lauren and made it a leader for three decades, and this strategy will take us into the next decade.”

- Ralph Lauren (1939- )

How the Junior Senator Barack Obama, while still in his first term, could run for president and win (even winning the primary against the Clintons), is mind-blowing!

For me, a good part of that success seems related to what Ralph Lauren said in the quotation shown above and again below. There is something magical about serving people by innovating, finding new customers, [new voters, Independents and Republicans], being responsive to present customers, [Democrats], and having sound business practices. [Running a campaign very efficiently]

We might all do well to utilize this model for success in whatever large venture we would like to successfully execute. It works. It has worked for decades and will work far into the future because it is based on what matters most... serving others in responsive, intelligent and respectful ways.

- Richard Chandler
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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Honoring Veterans Day

Today, we had a day to commemorate our veterans, including those who are no longer with us. Bonne and I hope you might find something you can do to participate, even doing something so informal as to thank a current or past military man or woman for their service to our country.

I have the good fortune to play contrabasson in the St. Cloud State University Wind Ensemble. We are put on the "American Spirit Veterans Tribute" concert this evening at SCSU in their Ritsche Auditorium at Stewart Hall. It is a treat for me to play these American arrangements, including two by one of my favorite composers, John Phillip Sousa. I hope you too found some ways to honor our veterans today.

- Richard Chandler

Monday, November 10, 2008

Living Composers Featured

I had the good fortune to hear the live broadcast of the Friday night Minnesota Public Radio broadcast by the Minnesota Orchestra in which they played seven new works by living composers. The pieces played were unique and profound. Our orchestra played them with beauty and conviction. We do well to remember that "all music was once new." Please check out the links below to read about how living composers are generating new works for our times and perhaps for the very distant future.

Composers Institute nurtures talent and new orchestral music
From Belarus to Minnesotat, a composer's journey

- Richard Chandler

Thursday, November 6, 2008

What We Can Do To Help Our Country, Our Planet & Ourselves

What can you and I do as citizens to help our country.... starting today? We can do our part to help the environment and reduce dependence on foreign oil by doing these things, that ironically, will also personally save us money!

1. Immediately throw out all of the incandescent light bulbs that you can replace today with compact florescent light bulbs. This will pay for itself relatively soon in lower electric bills. Bonne and I did this and find that our lower energy costs far exceed the initial investment in new bulbs. (Please remember that the compact fluorescent bulbs contain mercury and you must be very careful if one breaks and make sure you recycle them by returning the burned out ones to the place of purchase.)

2. Use surge protectors that you can shut off for all ac/dc adapters that power most computer, television, telephone and a host of other electronic equipment.

3. Shut off the lights when you are not in a room!

4. Pump up your tires. Most tires are under-inflated and your gas mileage suffers as a result. More money back in your pocket, less use of oil and fewer carbon emissions poisoning our air.

- Richard Chandler

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