Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Real Reason Why Healthcare Reform is Opposed

If, like most all of you, the hours you have heard politicians promise to reform healthcare were added up, it would amount to days and days of rhetoric. But now, we collectively have elected a president who is following through on that promise, and if this is not derailed by misinformation and emotional manipulation, we may finally have more certainty that we will not lose or health or our finances, should we or a family member have a serious health challenge.

For Bonnett and me, it is long past the time to treat an issue that affects our health and pocketbook in such a direct way, like a rematch of the election, and focus instead on the actual proposal itself, so all Americans can have the best healthcare possible, utilizing the best health practices now in use in our own country as well as other counties. We of course also need to do this with very close scrutiny of costs.

So please keep informed on the details of the proposals. Make sure your information is real, factual and about the healthcare proposal itself, and not misinformation put out with the intent of manipulating and scaring people in an effort to win a political battle that will surely cause all of us to continue losing to rapidly escalating healthcare costs and declining healthcare service.

This issue affects you and us very personally. If you were voting on the present healthcare system we have now, as if it were a proposed healthcare plan, the very plan we will continue to have if healthcare reform is derailed, would you vote for it?

- Richard Chandler & Bonnett Chandler

(Note: The major cause of bankruptcy in the USA is unfunded health expenses.)