Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Great Idea Gets A Better Voice Than Mine

For a number of years, on my own very small soap box, in front of my usual audience of one, I have been telling my audience that one of the most central legislative initiatives we need to have in our country is to repeal laws that give tax benefits for exporting jobs, while enacting laws that reward companies for keeping jobs in our own country. This doesn't mean that companies wouldn't be free to hire workers anywhere in the world that they wished to do so. It simply means you and I would no longer be financing that job-exporting way of doing business with our money, as we have been doing for years, and to our mutual detriment.

Since, to my knowledge, The President has not heard this directly from me, it might be that enough other people believe that this is a good idea, and the president has heard this from someone else. Or perhaps the President even came up with the idea himself. Either way, he explains it in his Weekly Address: Continuing to Strengthen American Manufacturing.

What I would like to see from President Obama is an actual proposal identifying the language in existing laws that need to be eliminated, and the language for new laws to be enacted that would do what he states needs to be done. And then have him push it, with sponsors of the proposed legislation from both houses of congress. Here is the short talk:

Sunday, February 5, 2012

We Rebuilt Famous Quotes Homepage!

Hello All,

We finally rebuilt our Famous Quotes Homepage website! I hope to add a few more posts here, too, in the coming months.


- Richard Chandler