Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Use Social Network Sites with Discretion

Bonnett and I are getting having a blast using facebook to connect with old friends, family and our ever growing circle of new facebook friends. But as the article below states, we all need to be quite careful in putting out our personal lives in such a public way. So we implore all of you who use social network sites to be careful, and encourage your contacts to also be careful with their personal information as well as yours.

- Richard Chandler

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

AIG... Were All Mad!

We’re all mad at AIG!!! But what can we do about it? Anger gives us the energy boost we need to really do something different. How about this… Take your anger and use it to do something that helps, even just a little bit, to improve your life, the lives of those whose life yours directly touches and your neighborhood or your workplace.

Simple things that cross your path will do just fine. You might pick up some trash next time you go for a walk. You could be more diligent in placing recyclable trash into the recycling container instead of the regular trash. Perhaps just extend a bit more warmth and presence to everyone with whom you have contact with today.

My hope for you, and for me, is to use the energy of the justifiable anger over the AIG bonuses to fuel more personal contribution to better our world. This helps break the tendency towards cynicism while making good use from all of that anger energy.

- Richard Chandler