Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving... A Time To Be Grateful for Mother Earth

Oddly enough, the video, upon which this post is based, is a Thanksgiving Day message. As we are enjoying what we often refer to on Thanksgiving, as “earth’s bounty,” it is a very good time to reflect on the undeniable fact that all of what we are enjoying is due to the earth itself. To the extent that we continue to behave as if the ways in which we consume have no consequences, is, in my view, the very opposite of the gratefulness that Thanksgiving Day engenders.

We are not only inspired by this video. We’re also inspired our nephew, Andrew Gustafson, who has embraced a new career of helping homeowners begin to live off of the earth’s clean, nonpolluting energy, through the sale and installation of solar heating and electrical power. As we as individuals, families, businesses, organizations and local through national government agencies embrace these technologies by being willing to pay more in the short run to save a great deal in the long run, we will not only benefit personally, we will eventually reverse the damage done to our planet and restore it for ourselves and future generations.

One day we hope to eat fish the fish in our lakes and rivers as often as we want, without being concerned about mercury toxicity from acid rain. That will happen as we support the clean, green technologies and the people and organizations that are forging ahead and leading us into doing what we all know, in our hearts, is right for our beautiful planet. Happy Thanksgiving!

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